"The future leaders vital to successful growth may currently be employed in your institution. We can assist you in discovering and developing these assets. They will be able to deliver unusually high levels of Performance and set you apart as an important member of your community"

~Amy Ryzenga and Hal Chappelear

Vision and Values


InternaSource is an organization of professionals who bring demonstrated competence in diverse industries and disciplines, as well as the resources necessary to address a wide range of client situations and needs. It is acknowledged as a primary source to which business, academic, professional and other entities turn for discovering and developing the many organizational and individual human qualities that yield excellence in leadership, thus achieve desired, sustainable results.

InternaSource is a general practice “boutique” focusing in the following areas:

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Planning (Facilitating development of Vision and Mission Statements, Goals, Business Plan, etc.)


We believe that tremendous gains will be achieved as people tap into their talents. We recognize that sound judgment, honesty, and integrity on our part are prerequisites to developing a joint-venture mentality with anyone with whom we choose to build a relationship. Therefore, we will partner with others who share these values and are mutually interested in achieving positive results. That means we are prepared to participate in the development of a relationship where we believe that our commitment to their success is equal to their commitment to their own success. We are committed to a Win-Win relationship.

Our Commitment to Our Clients is to meet their expectations, whether providing services, information, or processes that deliver improved results.

Our Commitment to Ourselves is to maintain an environment of cooperation, coordination, synergy, and development which leads to increasing personal, professional, and financial growth. Our role is to continue to develop ourselves so that we can behave in ways that empower others to more fully develop themselves.

Our Commitment to the Communities in which we operate is to be responsible corporate citizens who contribute our time, financial, or leadership capabilities to organizations in which we have interest. We will always operate so that the world will be a better place because of our contributions.

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About Us

InternaSource assists individuals and organizations to improve results and reach new levels of performance. Our results-focused approach positively impacts the individual and the entire organization. Every business has its distinct history, unique leadership, employee issues, customer focus, and challenging obstacles. We guide our clients through the process of looking at where they are versus where they want to be, and formulate a plan to move forward. InternaSource assists clients to define their unique vision and goals to achieve success. We help businesses, other organizations, and individuals achieve improved results through Strategic Business Planning, Organizational Development, Executive and Student Leadership Development, and Coaching.

Our clients range from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 companies. We work with non-profit organizations, including major hospitals and government agencies. We are dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals to achieve positive results. Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization achieve desired results