Leadership Development in Academic Institutions

We believe that every academic institution possesses a unique collection of untapped growth opportunities amongst its administration, faculty, staff and student body.  That fact holds true irrespective of the age of the institution, its reach - whether it be local or nationwide, or its focus of study. This potential is often never realized however due to all too common limiting constraints: insufficient financial resources, a lack of visionary leadership, and an entrenched culture that tends to resist change and takes comfort in “the way things are.” As with most institutions, the primary issues are people issues. Tracking with the general American workforce, less than one-third of employees in the academic setting are engaged in their jobs. Not only does this shackle the day to day functions of an academic institution, it has a devastating impact on the inspiration and ambition of each new generation of students who take their cues from mentors who are disengaged and underutilized. Wiley Education Services published their findings regarding the top challenges facing U.S. higher education today. In addition to several unsurprising contenders, they spoke to a skills gap - the fact that universities needed to work with businesses to develop courses and programs that prepare workers for highly valued roles.

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