Leadership Development in Government

Government institutions lack the ability to motivate their employees with the benefits of tangible ownership of their business; however, State and Federal government organizations can bridge this gap via enhanced employee engagement and the development of feelings of ownership towards their institution. Francesca Gino’s research found that small measures taken by leadership can instill a sense of “psychological ownership” that dramatically improves their sense of engagement in their jobs, happiness with their jobs, and their productivity. Psychological ownership begins to emerge when the employee is able to perform a task and produce an intended result, exhibit notable aspects of his or her sense of self, and experience a general sense of being an essential part of the group. As these behaviors begin to influence one’s attitude toward the workplace, engagement in the job improves, and a feeling of ownership materializes.

Engaged employees prove to be healthier and happier and perform at higher levels of efficiency and creativity than their less-engaged peers. An engaged workforce is associated with less tardiness, pilferage, accidents, absenteeism, and other common plagues to the workplace.

A small group initiative directly targets employee engagement and brings about a sense of ownership and associated responsibility for the success of the institution.

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