Leadership Development in Nonprofits

Nonprofit institutions, while formed explicitly to benefit the public good, experience all of the leadership and employee engagement challenges that plague for-profit institutions, and often with less recourse.  Why does it matter if your employees are engaged? We all recognize the disengaged employee: they show up for little more than the paycheck at the end of the week, perform the bare minimum of requirements, and frequently poison good employees with their negativity and disapproval of the institution’s leadership.  Engaged employees not only prove to be happier and model a healthy work-life balance, but they perform at higher levels of efficiency and creativity when compared with other workers.  Furthermore, an engaged workforce is associated with less tardiness, pilferage, accidents, absenteeism, and other common plagues to the workplace.  A small group initiative directly targets employee engagement, supports retention and development of the team, creates a sense of psychological ownership and associated responsibility for the success of the organization.

Executive coaching, strategic planning, and small group initiatives can captivate, unify and equip your team to achieve higher levels of well-being, creativity, and productivity.

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